Fast Laser Tag Bunkers


If you are in looking to start a mobile laser tag business or currently own one then you understand the importance of getting a bunker system. A good bunker system will help turn any playing area into a battle ground. Without bunkers your customers in some instances are left with a lack luster experience because their playing area doesn’t offer an ample amount of cover. To increase the fun factor and keep customers wanting to come back for more make sure you buy bunkers for your mobile laser tag business.

Pop Up Laser Tag Bunkers

Laser tag bunkers traditionally have been made from inflatables. While inflatables are a great solution for your business they involve more cost and time to set up. That is why pop up bunkers will become the future bunker solution for the mobile laser tag parties.

Pop Up vs Inflatable Laser Tag Bunkers

Pop up bunkers have 2 very distinct advantages over inflatables. The first is that they cost less. You will spend between $500 – $1000 on pop up bunkers compared to $3000 – $10,000 on inflatable bunkers. This significant savings will give you money to invest on the other 2 major factors of your business: equipment and marketing.

The next major advantage to pop up bunkers is the set up time. In this industry time is money. As a party owner your weekends are going be your busiest  times so you will need to save as much time on the set up and breakdown of each party. 15-20 pop up bunkers can be loaded into the back seat of your car or truck and easily set up and broke down in 10 minutes. Inflatables take up more space in your vehicle, take longer to set up, and even worse require power from an outlet. To top it off, inflatables can leak creating more unexpected problems. Pop up bunkers are lighter stand up quite well on windy day because of the sandwich board design.

BLOCKS Infrared Rays? Yes!

They are built of sturdy PVC which means if you did somehow manage to break the frame it can be easily fixed by going to your local neighborhood Home Depot and purchasing some pipe. This also keeps the weight down making it even easier to set up and break down. The fabric portion is a 3 layer system that blocks IR rays. This is a problem with high powered outdoor laser tag guns like the Clutch or Ht-11 and other bunker solutions the beams will shoot through. We have tested a lot of different materials. Our system will block 99% of the Infrared beams. fThere is also a weather resistant nylon cover which will help protect from the elements when you do a party outdoors.

Bonus Feature

The frame design also provides a way for you to advertise your business. You can have banners created that can show your logo and contact information that you can put over the front and back of your bunkers. Any sign company can help you make a design and banner big enough to cover both sides of your bunker. This is a great way to have bunch of bill boards all over the yard or playing field to better promote your laser tag business.

Is not hard to see why pop bunkers may be the better choice for your mobile laser tag business. The provide a some strong advantages that will cause them to become the standard for mobile laser tag parties. If you are interested in buy pop laser tag bunkers please contact us at 414-234-0326


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